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“Every day, we work to elevate young people – even against the toughest odds – because of one fundamental conviction: that a world where every child can realize his or her dignity is a world worth fighting for.”


Presidency of the IAYG Family

Phillip Meng is the President of the IAYG family. As President, Mr. Meng leads the worldwide humanitarian commitment of the IAYG family, its constituent organizations, and its humanitarian ecosystem of partners, stakeholders, and member governments. Alongside his role, Mr. Meng also occupies the first permanent seat on the Board of Governors of the IAYG family and serves as ex officio Chair of all IAYG family institutions. In addition, he serves as the Chairman of the Global Initiative for Youth Service and Co-Chair of the National Campaign for Youth in Education Policy.

Under his leadership, the IAYG family has strengthened its place as one of the world’s most influential multilateral institutions focused on the empowerment of children and youth, taking historic strides in realizing the institution’s mandate of expanding global opportunity, advancing the rights and visibility of young people in communities and societies, integrating children into the global economy, and elevating their place in the world. As President, Mr. Meng has pledged landmark expansions of the IAYG family’s commitments as the world’s champion and representative of a new generation of globally engaged, connected young people empowered in their communities and societies. In 2018, among other extensive accomplishments on their behalf, President Meng authorized record expansions of institutional investments in youth, peace, and security, children & youth in environmental action, access to global education, and development in youth-driven civil society. In 2019, the President’s agenda includes vast continued developments in the IAYG family’s work, including the development of expansive new private and public-sector coalitions to build a stronger consensus around the empowerment and representation of young people.

Across his tenure, President Meng has also emphasized accountability and transparency in the institution’s worldwide work. As a multilateral institution in the public trust, the IAYG family is accountable to the general public, first and foremost – especially to young people – and we have taken great strides in building one of the most efficient, transparent institutions in the world. President Meng’s reforms for accountability and integrity have extended the ways that the general public can see what the IAYG family is doing for them. The President’s Directive on Transparency and Open Data has expanded access to data and strengthened institutional transparency. And by opening the Office of the President to public comment and authorizing new channels of access, the public can now access the IAYG family’s leadership structures and make their voices heard in ways never possible before.

Prior to serving as the first modern President of the unified IAYG family, Mr. Meng was responsible for IAYG’s leadership in Geographic, Global, and Environmental Education. As part of his leadership in that sector, he oversaw the expansion of the IAYG family’s work in geographic, global, global citizenship, and environmental education across the world and led the establishment of the GGCDP, the IAYG family’s largest single public-sector education partnership. 

Originally hailing from San Francisco, Phillip Meng is an American. Outside of his leadership of the IAYG family, President Meng also volunteers his time serving on the boards of various civil society and nonprofit organizations, with a specific focus on organizations that incorporate young people, as part of his lifelong support for youth-driven civil society and young people in humanitarian innovation. 

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